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Send your listing to SwapShop@tcfmc.org – and we will list your equipment for sale here.  Until we can blog this page- this is a temporary.  Make sure you put a Subject in your email: “For listing on TCFMC web page Swap List.
Brief list, phone # and email required. we will date your listing and remove it in 30 days. If you sell it sooner, let us know.

December 2, 2022
Ken – at land line 952-941-0228 or email K0DVT@arrl.net.

FOR SALE – $95
STACO Variable Autotransformer type 291
Input: 120v, Output:0 – 120 v, 3 amps, panel mount
NOTE: This is NOT an Isolation Transformer.
Mint Condition. Never used or connected. Still in original styrofoam box.
Call me for photos.
$250 to $300 new on the web.
Location is west Bloomington MN.

October 15,2022  Contact Carl KØCV at 763-442-2546 or k0cv@comcast.net

I have the following equipment for sale. Reducing the load of radio eqpt, as well as tired of fighting indoor antenna problems. also financing some other things to try.

1. Flex Radio Systems Flex 3000 all mode 160 thru 6 meters SDR transceiver, 100 watts PEP, builtin antenna tuner, IEEE1394 Firewire adapter card and cable, factory hand mike, $700.00

2. Airspy Discovery HF+ SDR receiver, HF from 0.5 KHz to 31 MHz, VHF from 60 to 260 MHz, up to 8 separate slices (receiver slots in the passband, with USB cable, $125.00

3. SDR Switch Adapter Box by N2EME for isolating and making SDR receivers transceive with your rig, 100 watt rating, all adapter cables included, $75.00

4. Astron RS-35M 13.8 VDC 25 amp cont., 35 amp peak power supply, single meter for monitoring output voltage or current. Very good condition. $100.00. (Local sale only, too heavy to ship.)

5. TYT MD380 UHF analog/digital DMR handie-talkie with progamming cable, AC charger, 2000 mAh battery, belt clip, 6 in. and 15 in. antennas, extra battery, remote speaker/mic, vehicle battery eliminator, programming software, ME380 Tools mod, modified codeplug for MN and Twin Cities installed, excellent condition, all for $60.00.

6. Vibroplex Code Warrior Jr. Iambic CW paddle, dust cover, excellent condition, $50.00.

Shipping extra for all except for Astron Power Supply. Will meet within reasonable radius of Minneapolis-St. Paul to avoid shipping costs.

Pictures available on request.

TCFMC Equipment for sale:
  Contact AJ Hirman, N0PVC at N0PVC@ARRL.NET or 763-412-9014
All reasonable offers excepted

– 14 AWG 7/22 Strand Hard Drawn Copper Antenna Wire – $0.17 per foot
– Mobile 2m/70cm antenna needs ground sodered and tuning $10
– Tandy coax good for HF, center connector needs cleaning. $10
– Jove radio asyronomy software/receiver $35, with TV coax for $50.
– Hustler RM-40 mobile antennas – 1/4 wave – 3/8″ X 24 style coil. One in the package and one well used. $25 each
– Cushcraft 13B2 2M Broadband Boomer – SSB/CW/FM Yagi 144-148MHz. 16 foot boom length with 13 elements.
The Ultramatch balun is missing. $130 or best offer.
Dentron AT3K Full legal Power Tuner  $200.
SCom 7330 Repeater controller with Software $250.00