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Send your listing to SwapShop@tcfmc.org – and we will list your equipment for sale here.  Until we can blog this page- this is a temporary.  Make sure you put a Subject in your email: “For listing on TCFMC web page Swap List.
Brief list, phone # and email required. we will date your listing and remove it in 30 days. If you sell it sooner, let us know.

TCFMC Equipment for sale: (UPDATED list on 10/7/23)
  Contact AJ Hirman, N0PVC at N0PVC@ARRL.NET or 763-412-9014
All reasonable offers excepted

Icom IC-7100  with AT-180 Tuner – returned from Icom service fully refurbished.  $1050
Icom IC-7100 with Alpha Delta Tuner-
returned from Icom dervice fully reburbished $1000

If interested in these items,contact Mike at 612 718-4718 or President@TCFMC.org

or these items…

– Yaesu SP-6 External speaker with Timewave $260
– Icom SP-20 External speakers $100 each  (4 speakers in stock).
– Kenpro model KR-5400A Elevation-Azimuth Dual Controller $500
– Icom ID-800H VHF/UHF Digital Transceiver $180
– 14 AWG 7/22 Strand Hard Drawn Copper Antenna Wire – $0.17 per foot
– Mobile 2m/70cm antenna needs ground sodered and tuning $10
– Tandy coax good for HF, center connector needs cleaning. $10
– Jove radio asyronomy software/receiver $35, with TV coax for $50.
– Cushcraft 13B2 2M Broadband Boomer – SSB/CW/FM Yagi 144-148MHz. 16 foot boom length with 13 elements, the Ultramatch balun is missing. $130 or best offer.
– Tektronix 475 Oscilloscope with probes. $140
Bird 612 Termaline Wattmeter 20-80W / Termaline Dummy Load. $200
Bird 82A 500W Termaline RF Coaxial Resistor Dummy Load 50 Ohms. $500

Estate Sale contact AJ N0PVC at N0PVC@OUTLOOK.COM – 11/21/23

This equipment was purchased new in 2010-14 and was functioning when medical conditions prevented its use about three years ago. The asking prices are about 50% of what the original receipts indicate but if these prices are beyond your radio budget, offers will definitely be considered by the family.HF equipment package  –  $800Transceiver HF/VHF/UHF  Yaesu FT-897Auto tuner  LDG  AT-897  Power supply  ???              Microphone  Yaesu    VHF EquipmentTransceiver Yaesu VHF FT-2800  $100VHF/UHF Handheld  Wouxun  KG-UV30 – 2/UHF (Could be unused.)  $50Triband beam antenna/w rotor, VHF/UHF vertical plus tower. Erected in 2014. The antennas need to be removed from the tower and the 35’ Rohn 25G tower will be included, all for $500.Mosely TA-33 Jr nYaesu Rotator  G800SADiamond  DMN-X 30AI have a gin pole and am willing to assist in taking down the tower in the spring as it will be supporting a Christmas star this winter.73KøFTBMankato

    Estate Sale call Gary K0GX  763-561-2836 k0gx@comcast.net  10/23/2023

Acom 1200S 1200w Solid state amplifier $2850.00
SPE Expert 1K-FA 1KW Solid state amplifier/Auto tuner/4 port switch $2795.00
Heathkit SB-200 Amplifier $495.00
Icom IC-706MK2 10-160 + 2m $495.00
Radio Shack DX-394 General coverage receiver $125.00
MFJ-1762 6 meter 3 element beam antenna $150.00
MFJ 989D Legal limit tuner $325.00
MFJ 989C 3000watt tuner $275.00
MFJ-1025 noise cancelling $125.00
OJE PS32wi 23 amp switching power supply $75.00
Ameritron RCS-8V 5 port remote ant switch $160.00
Ameritron RCS-4 4 port remote antenna switch $160.00
Alinco 110 2 meter radio $90.00
Logikey memory keyer $60.00
ICE-421 low pass filter $45.00
ICE-420 low pass filter $30.00

Elecraft KX3 package
KX3 Transceiver $1499.95
PX3 Panadapter $795.95
KXFL3 Filter $169.95
KXAT3 Auto tuner $229.95
KXBC3 Charger $89.95
MH3 Microphone $79.95
KXPD3 Paddle $229.95
SS30DU Power supply $119.95
QRP works Sidecard $349.95
Asus XONAR U7 sound $83.66
for digital modes
Total new price $3649.21 Sell for $1695.00

Dave Hoffman, dave@davejan.net 563-554-9283 (New Richmond, WI) 10/19/2023

AnyTone 878UV Plus with external mic, charging station, bluetooth ptt button, and mobile battery eliminator.
It is all in like-new condition, I have just decided DMR is not my thing.
Asking $190 or bo, but would rather trade it to someone for a good quality analog HT of similar value.

Christian Breitbarth , AI0Hc.breitbarth@me.com  8/18/2023
Icom IC-746. 160-10M + 6M + 2M all-mode rig. Includes short power cord, HM36 hand mic, and manual. $550

July 29,2023
KL7MR Mike. 612 384-6560
wants to buy an FT70D radio 


Steve -W0NAR 612-501-1774 looking for a 102″ Stainles steel whip antenna 9old CB type).

July 29, 2023
KN0F – Steve 612 819 5143 KN0F@arrl.net

HH Dual band radios:
Yaesu VX-3R. $225
Yaesu VX-8G $325
Portable ATF909 shortwave radio $125
Radio Shack DX392- has timers -$60
Seacrane S/W not SSB. s/w Radio $50
Astron  RS-20M has meters.. $100
Astron RS-12A $80

July 29, 2023 
Ken – at land line 952-941-0228 or email K0DVT@arrl.net.

FOR SALE – $49
STACO Variable Autotransformer type 291
Input: 120v, Output:0 – 120 v, 3 amps, panel mount
NOTE: This is NOT an Isolation Transformer.
Mint Condition. Never used or connected. Still in original styrofoam box.
Call me for photos.
$250 to $300 new on the web.
Location is west Bloomington MN.