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Send your listing to SwapShop@tcfmc.org – and we will list your equipment for sale here.  Until we can blog this page- this is a temporary.  Make sure you put a Subject in your email: “For listing on TCFMC web page Swap List.
Brief list, phone # and email required. we will date your listing and remove it in 30 days. If you sell it sooner, let us know.

Contact:  Tom York at K0ZZX@hotmail.com or 651-447-3646 (Please leave a message and I will return your call) 7/7/2024

  1. Icom IC-7300 HF Transceiver, MB118 Mobile Mounting Bracket, RT Systems RTS-01 Control Cable x2 & a Nifty MMIC7300 reference guide (note: the IC-7300 internal clock battery is out of juice) $850
  2. Alpha Antenna Portable Vertical HF Antenna 6-80 meter – original design $200
  3. Chameleon CHA50COAXRFI 50’ RG-58A w/ RFI choke $65

*** Icom IC-7300 Package Deal ***

*IC-7300, MB118, RTS-01, MMIC7300, Alpha Vertical HF Antenna, CHA Coax $1000 firm*

***Complete Your HF Station***

  1. Icom AH-4 Remote Tuner $250
  2. Jetstream JTPS31MB 30amp switching power supply $80
  3. Heil ICM-BG Microphone for Icom Rigs $90

***For the HF Antenna Builder***

  1. Balun Designs 4:1 Hybrid Balun 3KW Model 4116ET $85
  2. Balun Designs 9:1 Unun 5KW Model 9135EW $70
  3. Balun Designs 1:1 Isolation Balun 3KW Model 1113S $60
  4. LDG RBA11 1:1 Current Balun 1.8-30MHz $14


**Antennas & Related***

  1. Diamond MX72N Duplexer $35
  2. Comet CF-416C Duplexer $35
  3. Diamond MR77 VHF/UHF Dual Band Magnetic Mount Mobile Antenna $20
  4. Diamond SRHF40A 2m/70cm flexible SMA male HT antenna $10
  5. Lip Mount Cable Assembly only (was part of the CP5NMO kit) $20
  6. DX Engineering DXE-LL-INS wire/ladder line supports bag of 25 $10
  7. Comet CS201A 2 Position Coax Switch $25

***Handheld Radios***

  1. TYT MD380 UHF DMR HT (Incl: HT, Charger, 2 batteries, programming cable, regular and stubby antennas, earpiece mic) $55
  2. Baofeng UV82 & UV82HP HT combo- includes: (both HT’s, charger, hand mic, lapel mic, programming cable $60


  1. Heil Pro Micro Single Sided Headset Model PMS6 $40
  2. MFJ-842 Compact VHF/UHF SWR/Wattmeter $35
  3. Cobra CXT345 Walkie Talkies pair $20
  4. Heil AD-100 adapter $15
  5. Heil AD-1-K adapter $15
  6. Heil AD-1-I adapter $15
  7. Heil AD-1-K-M adapter $15

For Sale call Gary K0GX  763-561-2836 k0gx@comcast.net 5/22/2024


Flex 6700 8 slices, options GPS, Autotuner, Flex control knob, Ver.3 firmware            $3495.00
Flex Maestro Remote A model                                                                                                 $595.00
Flex 6700 + Maestro       $3900.00
SPE Expert 1K-FA 1KW  Solid state amplifier/Auto tuner/4 port switch                          $2395.00
Ameritron ALS-1306 160-6M 1.2KW Solid state amplifier  New price $3999.00            $2195.00
Radio Shack DX-394 General coverage receiver                                                                    $125.00
MFJ-1762    6 meter 3 element beam antenna                                                                       $150.00
MFJ 989D   Legal limit tuner                                                                                                       $325.00
MFJ 989C   3000watt tuner                                                                                                         $275.00
MFJ-1025  noise cancelling                                                                                                          $125.00
OJE PS32wi 23 amp switching power supply                                                                           $75.00
Ameritron RCS-8V 5 port remote ant switch                                                                          $160.00
Ameritron RCS-4  4 port remote antenna switch                                                                  $160.00
Alinco 110 2 meter radio                                                                                                             $90.00
Logikey memory keyer                                                                                                               $60.00
ICE-421 low pass filter                                                                                                                $45.00
ICE-420 low pass filter                                                                                                                $30.00


TCFMC Equipment for sale: (UPDATED list on 10/7/23)
  Contact AJ Hirman, N0PVC at N0PVC@ARRL.NET or 763-412-9014
All reasonable offers excepted

– Yaesu SP-6 External speaker with Timewave $260
– Icom SP-20 External speakers $100 each  (2 speakers in stock).
– 14 AWG 7/22 Strand Hard Drawn Copper Antenna Wire – $0.17 per foot
– Mobile 2m/70cm antenna needs ground sodered and tuning $10
– Tandy coax good for HF, center connector needs cleaning. $10
– Jove radio asyronomy software/receiver $35, with TV coax for $50.
– Cushcraft 13B2 2M Broadband Boomer – SSB/CW/FM Yagi 144-148MHz. 16 foot boom length with 13 elements, the Ultramatch balun is missing. $130 or best offer.
– Tektronix 475 Oscilloscope with probes. $140
Bird 82A 500W Termaline RF Coaxial Resistor Dummy Load 50 Ohms. $500

Don Burgess, KC0QNA. Cell Phone: 507-241-.0270
E-mail: thelostiowan@yahoo.com


1). Yaesu FT-2400 – 2 Meter VHF FM mobile radio – 50 Watts – SK-John Nichols Estate $50.00 No BOX or MANUALS but has hand microphone. Currently in possession by Paul/KC0HST

2). HEATHKIT SB-230 AMPLIFIER – 10 Meters thru 80 Meters. – One Tube 8873 Small Tube. SK-John Nichols Estate ASKING $500.00 No BOX or MANUALS – Pristine Condition otherwise.


7). BEHRINGER XENYX802 – 4 Channel Mixer – Good Condition – New in 2007 – Comes with Power Supply, No manuals or box. $75.00.

8). Radio Shack HTX-202 – CLASSIC Hand Held H/T – based on the old ICOM IC-4H Hand Held Radio. This radio comes with Power Supply/Spare Dummy Battery Pack for use with Alkaline Batteries and 1 New Rechargeable Battery Pack (2023) and original Radio Shack Manual plus hand microphone in poor condition and BNC Rubber Antenna. SK-John Nichols Estate $75.00 No BOX

8). KENWOOD TKR-820 UHF Repeater with Flat Pack Duplexer – Rated at 35 Watts or 20 Watts Continuous – In Use in Arlington, MN. This unit is pending Swap out for new D-star UHF repeater – In Operational Condition – Asking $300.00. Manuals in 3 ring binder.

9). KENWOOD (6) H/T’s TK-2170K – Fleet Pack VHF ANALOG Portables – Band (136 – 174 MHz). I will NOT separate these radios as they will be sold as LOT. Asking $500.00 currently programmed in HAM Band VHF and will do Narrow or Wide Band Needs. All in Pretty good shape and come with USED Batteries and SMA Rubber Antennas. No Guarantees on the time left in batteries, but currently re-cycled and holding charge well. Will come with Programming USB to K-style Cable and CD Disc.

10). KENWOOD KMB-16 Power Station – Supports Recharging of Kenwood HT’s TK-2170 or TK-3170 Portable Radios. Asking $100.00

11). ALEX Loop Magnetic Antenna – HF 30 MHz thru 7 MHz ERP at 20 Watts. Will NOT Support Auto Tuning. Asking $400.00 – Comes with travel bag/Manual and RG-58 Cable and Light Tuner for easy set up and really great for POTA/SOTA Fans who love to set on one frequency. Perfect for CQ & Digital Modes.

12). Timewave DSP-9 Audio Noise Filter – RCA In/Out Connections with 2.5 OD 12 Volt Outlet Comes with manuals. Asking $40.00 or Best Offer

13). Timewave DSP-59+ Audio Noise Filter – RCA In/Out Speaker Out Jacks along with 2.5 OD 12-Volt Outlet and with Manuals. Asking $50.00 or Best Offer

14). KENWOOD LF-30A – Low Pass HF Filter – 50 Ohm Rated at 1Kw PEP – $20.00

15). TOSHIBA SATELITE 325CDS/4.0 Laptop w/CD ROM Drive and battery Pack. Asking $50.00

16). TOSHIBA SATELITE T2105CS/350 Laptop with 3.5 Floppy Drive. VGA and Serial Adapters and WIN-95 Operating System. Date of MFG was 1995. Asking $50.00

17). TOSHIBA SATELITE PRO 425CDT/810 Laptop W/CD-ROM, 3.5 Floppy Drive, Serial Port, Parallel Port, VGA Port. Asking $ 75.00

18). Toshiba Notebook Computer Battery B401 for Pro 400 Series – 10 Volt 3000Ah NimH Charging. Asking $10.00

19). DAVE CLARK DUAL EAR AVIATION MICROPHONE HEADSET W/Cloth Covers – Model H10-76 – Great Audio, use for Aviation for Large Crowd Noise Control Communications on VHF or UHF Radios. Asking $125.00

20). Aviation NVIS Green A Led Light Bar SSInc Model ML-8 – Standard Issue Military Like Lite. Has Push On/Off power button and requires 3 AA Batteries. Asking $50.00

21). (New) DAVID CLARK Headset Interface Model P/N 40763G-02 – For Motorola XTS Series Hand Held Radios. Allows both Dual Ear or Single Ear Dave Clark Headsets to utilize Motorola Radios. Like what FD Depts. use today. Asking $50.00 or B/O

22). HEIL 2 ELEMENT HAND MICROPHONE GM-4 GOLDLINE EDITION – Has Push to Talk on Microphone and toggle switch for Wide/Narrow Voice Spectrum. Come with 6ft Cable XLR to 8 Pin Kenwood Radio Connector and PTT Accessory Jack. Asking $100.00 – No Box or Manuals

23). HEIL SINGLE ELEMENT KENWOOD MICROPHONE MODEL HM-5. Comes w/ 6ft Microphone cable with RJ-45 and PTT Accessory Jack to XLR Connection. Asking 75.00 – No Box or Manuals

24). Motorola Radius Mobile 45 Watt VHF Radio – 16 Channel Microphone – Needs External Speaker or Jumper in back for front audio firing. Pre-Programmed for Ham Radio in Hutch/Mankato Areas plus Simplex. Asking $50.00 Model: D33LRA7PA5BK

25). Motorola Radius Mobile 45 Watt VHF Radio – 16 Channel Microphone – All works fine. Pre-Programmed for Ham Radio in Hutch/Mankato Areas plus Simplex. Asking $75.00 Model: D43LRA7PA5BK

26). Motorola Radius Mobile 45 Watt VHF Radio – 16 Channel Microphone – Needs External Speaker or Jumper in back for front audio firing. Pre-Programmed for Ham Radio in Hutch/Mankato Areas plus Simplex. Asking $50.00 Model: D33LRA7PA5BK

27). QRM Eliminator 12-Volt DC Plug – Reduces HF Noise caused by local QRM Signals. Asking $50.00 or B/O

28). TP-LINK 24 Port Gigabit Unmanaged Switch – Just purchased a year ago, and needed to upgrade. Asking $50.00 in Great Condition

Thank You, Don

Scott Hash KC0BZG.  763-269-2829 posted 12-3-23
I can come meet you within the 494 694 loop.

Yaesu FT-900at. $500
160M -30m with a built in antenna tuner
100 watts comes with mic and dc cable no manual but you can find them online
Icom IC-2300 $90
Comes with the usuall accessories including a box

Estate Sale contact AJ N0PVC at N0PVC@OUTLOOK.COM – 1/25/2024 

This equipment was purchased new in 2010-14 and was functioning when medical conditions prevented its use about three years ago. The asking prices are about 50% of what the original receipts indicate but if these prices are beyond your radio budget, offers will definitely be considered by the family.HF equipment package  –  $800Transceiver HF/VHF/UHF  Yaesu FT-897Auto tuner  LDG  AT-897  Power supply  ???              Microphone  Yaesu    VHF EquipmentTransceiver Yaesu VHF FT-2800  $100VHF/UHF Handheld  Wouxun  KG-UV30 – 2/UHF (Could be unused.)  $50Triband beam antenna/w rotor, VHF/UHF vertical plus tower. Erected in 2014. The antennas need to be removed from the tower and the 35’ Rohn 25G tower will be included, all for $500.Mosely TA-33 Jr nYaesu Rotator  G800SADiamond  DMN-X 30AI have a gin pole and am willing to assist in taking down the tower in the spring as it will be supporting a Christmas star this winter.73KøFTBMankato

Updated 1/25/2024
KN0F – Steve 612 819 5143 KN0F@arrl.net

Sangean Portable ATF909 shortwave radio $125
Radio Shack DX392- has timers and cassette recorder -$60
C. Crane S/W not SSB. s/w Radio $50
Astron RS-12A $80