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Send your listing to SwapShop@tcfmc.org – and we will list your equipment for sale here.  Until we can blog this page- this is a temporary.  Make sure you put a Subject in your email: “For listing on TCFMC web page Swap List.
Brief list, phone # and email required. we will date your listing and remove it in 30 days. If you sell it sooner, let us know.

Chris –  N0WET. Text or Phone 612-558-1868. Email cldibblemn@msn.com  posted 9/2/21

Icom 2100 w/ power harness, mounting bracket and mic. Programmed for Metro area. $90.00

Panasonic rf-b45 all mode SSB receiver. longwave 144-288 kHz, AM from 520-1610 kHz, shortwave from 1620 to 29995 kHz and FM from 87.5-108 MHz. Modes of reception include AM and CW/SSB. With ac adapter. $100


Dave Self W7DOM dave@daemonx.com   763-354-9408  Posted 8/6/21

2 each Kenwood TS-440S with mic
MFJ-949E tuner
iCom IC-2000
LDG Z-100 autotuner
Kenwood PS-430 PS
Home made 110v power line filter

Rich, KG0XO, (Woodbury)  RLManner@yahoo.com    720-219-0893  Posted 8/6/21
Ameritron AL-811 Linear Amp (HF) 600W
Excellent condition, very little use
MFJ-4601 RF Window Feed-Through Panel (SO-239 connectors)
Never used – New in box
Heathkit DX-60 transmitter with HG-10 VFO
Good working condition
$35 for both
Scott Hash KC0BZG lineofsitephoto@gmail.com 763-269-2829  Posted 8/6/21 updated 8/12/21
Yaesu FTM-3100 with box manual, mobile bracket, microphone, dc cbale $100.  2m mobile 65 watts

Jim N0JS@amsat.org  651-214-8257  Posted 8/3/2021

Nex-Gen Rugged spot for sale: Raspberry Pi3-B Motherboard Technical Specifications:

–Broadcom BCM2837 64bit ARMv8 QUAD Core 64bit Processor powered Single Board.
-Computer running at 1.2GHz.
–BCM43143 WiFi on board.
–Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on board.
–40pin extended GPIO.
–4 x USB2 ports.
–4 pole Stereo output and Composite video port
–Full size HDMI.
–CSI camera port for connecting the Raspberry Pi camera.
–DSI display port for connecting the Raspberry Pi touch screen display.
–MicroSD port for loading your operating system and storing data.
–8 GB Scandisk ULTRA micro SDHC UHS1 card included.

Read full details and vendor price at:

For Don KCØQNA Cell: 507-241-0270 or email at kc0qna@yahoo.com.  Added 6/18/21

Yaesu System Fusion Repeater – DR2X – $800.00 — Very little system usage on our UHF Repeater….got it then went P-25. Box and Manuals included.

Yaesu System Fusion Repeater – DR1C – $600.00 — In use on very light duty – KC0QNA VHF Repeater in Gaylord, MN.  Going P-25 on this site, so no longer need it.  Box and Manuals included.

Yaesu HR-200 Internet Interface — Never installed, – $90.00 Box and manuals.  Box and Manuals

2 – Chunks of 7/8″ Andrews Heliax Hardline – Roughly 100 Feet long with connectos on each end – $250.00 or B/O – Never installed on our club site.

DB-VHF-420- 4 Bay Repeater Antenna – Unknown resonance or mfg.  at this time….Is down, never installed by our club – $300.00

Original Ham Sticks

2 Meters
10 Meters
20 Meters
40 Meters
80 Meters

$10.00 a stick

Hustler Mobile Ham Stick & Resonators
RM40 Meters – $15 X 2 – One CW/Digital – Other Phone
RM75 Meters – $15 X 3 – Two CW/Digital – Other Phone
Base Unit – $15

Whole Mobile Unit (Base Coil) Included w/quick disconnects –  $25.00  – Never used in a mobile application – Maybe 5 years old — in good condition, just sitting in my garage awaiting to be used.

((ALL These can be re-tuned within their prespective bands with a antenna analyzer))


Bob Smith KD0AU     218-255-2994  bobnjulie1980@gmail.com  posted 5/30/2021
Farmington, MN 55024

TS-520S transceiver with d.c. adapter
Speaker matches 520
MC-50 Microphone

Above equipment together $550

Ham IV rotor $300
G5-RV antenna still in original package $40

Joe Ward 612 840-4454  Posted 4/13/2021

Collins KWM-2 Transceiver Ser 10695, with Type 516F-2 ser 10946 power supply and station control 3128-4 ser 51788 full set of Crystals (80-10)
Spare matched set of 6146 B’s
Actstatic D104 Mic
Micronta Field Strength / SW meter

$1000 for set

Collins 30-L1 Linear  ($300)
Not working needs repair- blew breaker – shorted cap?)
Includes all tubes  including 4 811As and spare 811A

Ham Radio Equipment for Sale by K0MBN Posted 12/10/2020; updated 12/28/2020

Email: bmartinson73@yahoo.com

  • Central Electronics CE 20A transmitter: $75
  • EF Johnson Viking Adventurer transmitter (2): $100 each
  • EF Johnson Viking ll transmitter: $125
  • EF Johnson Viking VFO (2): $75 each
  • Cushcraft R3 tuning control unit for vertical antenna: $25
  • EF Johnson Matchbox tuner: $75
  • MFJ 9420 20 meter SSB Transceiver with MFJ 4114 portable powerpack, MFJ 407-1106 plug-in transformer, input 120 vac, output 14 vac hand microphone, carrying case for these items: $150 package
  • Astron Power Supply RS 7A: $45
  • Box of large B & W Coils and large capacitors: tuner material: $30
  • Central Electronics CE Multiphase Sideband Slicer: $75
  • Hammarlund Receiver Model SP600 J 17X: $500
  • Advanced Electronics Applications AEA Keyer CK 2 contester: $75
  • MFJ 9340 K transceiver: $50
  • HF Rotary Beam 20-15-10 3 element: ready to move: $125
  • Miscellaneous components -several: Free to buyer of other items
  • Hallicrafters S40 A receiver: $50

TCFMC Equipment for sale:
Contact AJ Hirman, N0PVC at N0PVC@ARRL.NET or 763-412-9014
All reasonable offers excepted

Five inch BNC metal antenna – $5
14 AWG 7/22 Strand Hard Drawn Copper Antenna Wire – $0.17 per foot
Telescoping antenna 40” – $2
Mobile 2m/70cm antenna needs ground sodered and tuning $10
Tandy coax good for HF, center connector needs cleaning. $10
Jove radio asyronomy software/receiver $35, with TV coax for $50.
Model dx ee – 10, 20, 40 meters $75.