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Send your listing to SwapShop@tcfmc.org – and we will list your equipment for sale here.  Until we can blog this page- this is a temporary.  Make sure you put a Subject in your email: “For listing on TCFMC web page Swap List.
Brief list, phone # and email required. we will date your listing and remove it in 30 days. If you sell it sooner, let us know.

Carl, WA0CQG at 952 835-0056. My email is carl@esteys.net  Can also email pictures.  4/11/2020

Mirage A-1015-G 6-meter solid-state amplifier that runs 30-watts in for 150-watts out.  Asking $175.
Vintage TS-700A Two-meter all-mode 10-watt transceiver.  Asking $75.
Jumbo Spot Hotspot.  Packaged in metal case, with Pi-Zero, .93” display, and Pi-Star software.  With mini-HDMI to standard HDMI adapter and short antenna. Can run DSTAR, DMR, YSF, etc.  Asking $75 
Nano-Spot Hotspot by Micro-Node International.  Does DMR, DStar, C4FM, NXDN, P25, and POCSAG.  Has .92” OLED display.  Runs Pi-Star firmware.  Sells new for $299. Asking $90

Duane Johnson N0FKU – 3/25/20
I’ve upgraded my HT and have a Yaesu FT1DR to sell off. If any locals are interested please contact me at duane@fear-mn.com. I’d rather sell local before I list it up on the internet. Asking price $200.

Robin W  Contact Mike Trustee.tcfmc@gmail.com  9/7 Swap Shop
For Sale:
Kenwood SP-430 speaker

Kenwood TS-440S transceiver
PS-50 power supply
one old fashioned microphone

Original boxes – very good condition.


TCFMC Equipment for sale:
Contact AJ Hirman, N0PVC at N0PVC@ARRL.NET or 763-412-9014
All reasonable offers excepted

Five inch BNC metal antenna – $5
14 AWG 7/22 Strand Hard Drawn Copper Antenna Wire – $0.17 per foot
Telescoping antenna 40” – $2
Mobile 2m/70cm antenna needs ground sodered and tuning $10
Tandy coax good for HF, center connector needs cleaning. $10
Jove radio asyronomy software/receiver $35, with TV coax for $50.
Model dx ee – 10, 20, 40 meters $75.

8/25/2020 Barry Altman W6GFN – Please e-mail baltman@beta-tech.us
for more details or to arrange a transfer.


Everything works. I downsized my large SUV and bought a Toyota 4 Runner and
my radios need to downsize as well.

APRS Radio. A complete APRS System based on an Icom IC-28 VHF Transceiver.
No Antenna. Free

Pelican 1470 Briefcase. Waterproof shoulder bag. Ideal for a go-kit. $30

Storage case 24 x 16 x 13 with lock. Ideal for keeping gear organized in a
trunk or the back of an SUV. Black with two handles, one on each side. $25.

Link Bluetooth Cellular Gateway. Allows connecting a cell phone to your
landline phones. Free

Also, a selection of free stuff that I would normally give away at a
face-face meeting.