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Monday May 24th

Minnesota Birthday Bash on the air today

Our friends in Stillwater are on the air.  I think 20 meters will be a
bit long today but I suspect many of us can snag a QSO on 40 meters.
Happy Birthday Minnesota!  Spread the word to your club members…

May 11, 1500Z-2100Z, W0M, Stillwater, MN. South East Metro Amateur
Radio Club. 7.250; 20 and 40 meters, voice, CW and FT8. Certificate.
Certificates will be available for download, from the website, after
the event . This is to commemorate Minnesota Statehood. May 11, 1858.
In December 1856, Henry M Rice brought forward two bills in Congress:
an enabling act that would allow Minnesota to form a state
constitution, and a railroad land grant bill. Rice’s enabling act
defined a state containing both prairie and forest lands. The state
was bounded on the South by Iowa, on the East by Wisconsin, on the
North by Canada, and on the West by the Red River of the North and the
Bois de Sioux River, Lake Traverse, Big Stone Lake, and then a line
extending due south to the Iowa border. Rice made this motion based on
Minnesota’s population growth. www.semarc.org

Matt Holden KØBBC
Minnesota Section Public Information Coordinator

Wires-X presentation from the November 2020 meeting

Wires-X PowerPoint document download

Hamoperator.com Wires-X The Bible

Analog DTMF key entry into a Wires-X room:
Tune to 444.100Mhz, hold the PTT, then press #65857, release the PTT. Where 65857 is the clubs room number, you can connect to which ever analog capable room you’d like.

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The Friday AM breakfast group  will not be meeting until  the Pandemic is under control.
Stay safe everyone!

Twin City FM Club Presents Field Day 2021
Louisiana Oaks Pavilion (across from  Park Tavern) 
June 26 setup 8 am thru the 24 hour operation and tear down on June 27th
Looking for Phone and CW operators
Contact Mike at president@tcfmc.org if interested

Field Day cup 2021

TCFMC Presents the
Spring Tailgate Swap Fest
June 19, 2021
Please wear a mask/face covering for this event
West Medicine Lake Community Club
1705 Forestview Lane North
Plymouth, MN 55441

$10 Sellers at 7AM
$5 Buyers at 8AM

Talk in 146.76 PL 114.8

AJ or Mike

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