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Membership in TCFMC – We are an NCS for Metro Skywarn

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We are a member supported club…
dues help pay for club expenses.

Want to help- we can use you. Contact Mike or AJ

Mike: president@tcfmc.org
AJ: N0PVC@outlook.com

Use PayPal to pay dues or Send us a check.

TCFMC Presents the
Last Chance Tailgate Swap Fest
September 21, 2024
West Medicine Lake Community Club
1705 Forestview Lane North
Plymouth, MN 55441

$10 Sellers at 7AM
$5 Buyers at 8AM

Talk in 146.76 PL 114.8

AJ or Mike

Next TCFMC General Meeting
July Picnic on 29th 6PM
Louisiana Oaks Pavilion
We are planning on a special give-away for members only.
(psst its buckets of items we were selling but have little interest any longer)
If you want to participate in the giveaway- all you need to do is sign-up!

Bodies Needed!

Okay so maybe not your body- but your voice is needed to do the Net Control for the Saturday AM Swap Shop on the 146.76 repeater.  Training will be provided.  All it take is a good signal into the SLP 76 repeater site and able to hear back. Scripting is provided and being able to think and write helps. Do you have what it takes?

Contact Mike – president@tcfmc.org

TCFMC Mission Statement

Ham Radio serves communities providing emergency communication operations in times of hazardous weather and civil discourse.  The mission of Twin Cities FM Club is to serve the community during these emergencies; to educate new and existing operators with emerging technologies; to provide local repeater frequencies for free communications. We do a weekly amateur radio news, information and over the air swap net. We develop processes for the betterment of the local ham radio community, through education programs and public invited events. We work with cities and county agencies on emergency communications and assist with event communication support.


The Southdale Hospital Repeater is back working on 444.125 with subtone 114.8 Hz 35 watts output. There is no beep however the morse ID’r W0EF/0 will ID every 10 minutes- so If you use or do a radio check – please note the time of day, date, your location, and the S-units if you are able to see during the radio check or use. Please send the report via email to President@tcfmc.org.

The “76 Swap shop” is  on the  146.76 –
Sub-tone 114.8 for the SLP Antenna or
100.0 sub-tone St. Paul receive site.

AllStarLink Node # 429820
9:30 AM Every Saturday morning
Check-in’s after AR Newsline and brief announcements

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The Friday AM breakfast group will  be meeting Friday at 6am.
Perkins at 6920 Wayzata Blvd. Golden Valley, MN

See you at breakfast on Fridays!
Stay safe everyone!

Wires-X presentation from the November 2020 meeting

Wires-X PowerPoint document download

Hamoperator.com Wires-X The Bible

Analog DTMF key entry into a Wires-X room:
Tune to 444.100Mhz, hold the PTT, then press #65857, release the PTT. Where 65857 is the clubs room number, you can connect to which ever analog capable room you’d like.

You-Tube video link of “I Bought a VNA, Now What?” 
by Karl Kulp, AE0DL
March 28 TCFMC Meeting

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