Swap List

Send your listing to AJ – N0PVC – N0PVC@ARRL.NET –  or Mike – N0NY – avidfan929@gmail.com and we will list your equipment for sale here.  Until we can blog this page- this is a temporary.  Make sure you put a Subject in your email: “For listing on TCFMC web page Swap List.

Brief list, phone # and email required. we will date your listing and remove it in 30 days. If you sell it sooner, let us know.

Nord Onstad WB0HQI a silent key estate items to the TCFMC:

Vintage Onkyo TX2000 receiver, speaker channels work, dial pots need some clean up. – $50
Technics SL-PD887 5 disc changer, works great. -$25 (seen as high as $39)
EICO Model 377 audio generator, power light comes on. – $30
EF Johnson Messenger I tube CB 5 channel base station, not tested. – $20
Turner Muzak grey desk microphone, not tested. – $35
Turner Transistorized SSB+2 blue desk microphone, not tested. – $35
Vintage Lafayette HE-411 3 Channel Walkie Talkie Handheld Radios(Lighter jack HT works, other has no audio) – $20
Gold Line 1kw Inline Vintage Analog Rms Watt Meter. – $15
General Electric Compact Citizens (CB) Transceiver Model #3-5808A. – $10 each
Amphenol 91-MC4M microphone plugs. – $5 each
RCA power diodes. – $1 each
Heathkit Heath HD-1234 Coax Antenna Switch. – $20
Vishay / Dale Electronics – 7919 – power Resistors. $1 each
RCA 40250 Power Transistors on boards. $1 each
Drake IF Switching Board B3822W. $10