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Field Day 2016 is June 25th and 26th!

Hello TCFMC Members,

TCFMC Field Day is at the Louisiana Oaks Pavilion in St. Louis Park (across from Park Tavern) at Louisiana Ave south and 34th Street approximately. 

Field day is next weekend. The Club needs operators, and people to help with set up and tear down. We have a fairly strong showing so far, but there is still much in the way of needs to fill. Here is the itinerary for the event:

Some of the club Board members will be meeting at the club shack on Monday June 20th at 6:30pm to organize Field Day equipment, schedules and other details.

Official set up starts at 8AM SHARP on Saturday, June 25th. Any and all members who wish to help with this are encouraged to show up any time between 8am and 12pm.

Field Day operation commences starting at 1pm on Saturday, June 25th and goes around the clock for 24 hours, ending at 1pm Sunday, June 26th.

Members are encouraged to participate in set up by bringing food for the set up crew, in lieu of being able to provide physical labor. We may order pizza, which will be reserved for those who have either contributed labor, or have contributed food, sodas, or other items to share. In the past the food was sort of a free for all, but in this case, we are asking for a “pot luck” of sorts to help provide food and refreshments for the set up crew and for the operators. Please do not expect to show up and consume food and drink unless you’ve either helped set up, signed up to operate, or brought a dish or beverage to share with the event. If you purchase anything to contribute food and drink wise, please bring the receipt with you so our Treasurer can mail you a tax deductible donation receipt for your donation. AJ, N0PVC will collect the receipts and submit them for donation voucher, which will be mailed to you. Be sure to include your name and call sign on the receipt.

The Club will be furnishing a grill for the Sunday after event tear down and festivities. Please feel free to bring dogs, brats, burgers, etc. for yourself or to share with the other attendees.

Even if you can come for one hour that helps to keep the radios hot. Every little bit counts folks. IF YOU ARE ABLE TO FILL A SLOT, Please email the Field Day Coordinator, Steve Gacek N0YQ and AJ Hirman N0PVC our Membership Chairman/Field Day Assistant Coordinator at:


Join us weekly on the Saturday AM Swap Shop 9:30AM 146.76. 



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If you wish to have input, as your club President and Trustee, I am open to hearing what you have to say & we will listen with open ears.

Mike Miller
Trustee, Club President, and Webmaster


Repeaters & Nets

The W0EF repeater system is maintained and funded by the Twin City FM Club.  We welcome all licensed amateurs to

use the repeaters at any time. We especially welcome your assistance and support through donations and/or club dues

to help keep the W0EF repeater system on the air. But most of all, welcome to the W0EF repeater system!

Output Input Tone Notes
146.76 146.16 114.8 This multi-receiver unit covers most of the metro area. It transmits from approximately 250 feet above ground level, near the intersection of I-394 and Hwy 169 in Golden Valley. It is connected to EchoLink
444.1 449.1 114.8

This powerful 70cm repeater sees lots of use during morning and evening drive time. Equipped with a single receiver, it shares the same transmitter site as the 146.76 repeater.

444.125 449.125 114.8 This repeater covers the southern suburbs with its single reciever, transmitting from the Southdale Hospital located near Hwy 62 (Crosstown) and France Avenue in Edina.

Regular Nets:

Freq Day Time Net
146.76 Saturday 9:30 AM Swap Shop, the on-air hamfest!
444.1 Weekdays 7AM-9AM Informal drive-time net, join in and say hello!