Twin City FM Club 
 SEPTEMBER 29th, 2018


SELLERS at 7AM $10

BUYERS at 8 AM $5
Sell from your car/truck

Talk-in on 146.76

Food & door Prizes

An ARRL Sanctioned Event


Mike 612 7184718

Payment Options

Membership Changes effective March 1st:

The  Board of Directors has changed the membership for TCFMC to an October to October yearly membership plan…Same $30.00 per year. So all memberships will thus renew or need to be renewed by October 1st. Remember that your membership is still tax deductible as we are a 501 c3 organization.​

Why the change?  We are all volunteers, and with so much other things we want to accomplish, doing paperwork every month, updating lists, calling and asking for your support gets tiring and not what we have time for. 

We also added 2 additional membership classes:  Access to equipment – that’s an additional $15 for physical access to club equipment at the Shack and/or $15 for remote access via cell phone. 

Both the additional  classes have requirements, and are not 100% full functional yet. 

Questions – Please direct inquiries to Mike Miller, Trustee, N0NY

Thanks to Paul Herrman, N0NBH for the Solar Info


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